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Jul 12,  · Our picks of the best Android apps in 14 top categories, on the other hand, deserve a place on your phone. The Best Android Apps for so we also prioritize those apps that use new. The best Android apps to download in ; offer something so great that it becomes one of the must-have apps that has to be downloaded whenever you get a new handset. The following apps will. 10 best news apps for Now / Google (more items).

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A new month calls for a fresh list of apps. Yep, you read that right. The Guiding Tech team is back with yet another list of the best new Android apps that were released in the last couple of months.

The month of March is all about new unique apps and customization apps. From an exciting little navbar app to a tape-measuring app, we have them all neatly packaged in this post. It's true that most Android apps are in English. However, it would be wrong to say that all apps are in English.

Language Navi will help you bridge the gap. This nifty app converts text inside apps such as menus, buttons, and text snippets into a language of your choice. All you need to do is select the source and target language, and the rest will be taken care of by the app.

What you'll love about the app is its amazing array of supported languages, all thanks to its use of the Google Translate API. Using this app is super easy. Simply open Language Navi, give the required permissions and tap on an app from the list say, for instance, cool new android apps 2019, Google Play Books. Now, select the languages and hit launch. Depending on the length of the text, cool new android apps 2019, the app may take some processing time.

Speaking of the accuracy, most of the time it's spot and helps to get the meaning across. YouCam Video is the new video-centric app in the social media space. This neat editor enhances your videos by introducing a host of different effects, filters, text, etc.

And if that isn't enough, you can even stitch together a couple of photos together to make cool new android apps 2019 snazzy clip. And let me tell you, the transition effects can jazz up even the plainest videos. The app's interface is a no brainer. Almost all the functions are self-explanatory. The only thing that might bother you is the watermark. If you are someone who loves cool new android apps 2019 voice notes for their ease of access, Aroundsound Audio Recorder is the perfect app for you.

Compared to the stock recorder, this app gives you customization options like crop, edit, renaming, cool new android apps 2019, bookmark, or save an old one as a new recording.

The best thing is that these recordings get synced to the cloud storage services. Also, it will pick up the location on its own and store cool new android apps 2019 recordings as per the time of the day. This naming convention is good as long as you don't record plenty of notes in a day.

If you do, you can always change it via the Edit option. You can also pause a voice note midway. Tapping on the three-dot menu will give you the editing options. As suggestive of its name, Easy Pedometer helps you calculate your steps and keep a tab on how much you have walked or ran. You can set a goal for yourself and well as see the time you have been active. The app awards you with cool titles when you complete milestones.

What I loved about Easy Pedometer is that there's an ultra-cool lock screen widget to keep you motivated throughout the day, cool new android apps 2019.

If you are planning to get fit by making the best of busy day, this is a must-have app. App makers started experimenting with the phone's nav bar after several phone makers began ditching the physical buttons in favor of gestures and software keys. Though apps like Navbar Apps let you have a static image on top of the navbar, Smart navigation bar goes a step further and lets you add a moving cool new android apps 2019 animated image to it.

The developer Yogesh Dama has crafted this smart implementation and he is known for bringing Android Pie-like volume controls to non-Android P devices.

Just choose a picture which you want to display at the bottom. Next, select the animation rate. You can also choose to include a few lines of text, though this step is not mandatory. Once done, all you have to do is save it and Ta-Da! Hello, new nav bar. Though I didn't see a significant battery lose on my OnePlus 6you might want to keep the battery usage under check during cool new android apps 2019 first few days while using this app. Yes, that's the actual name of the app.

No kidding! Though Moasure is almost a year old, the reason for its inclusion in this list is because it recently crossed over from the paid zone to the free zone. As you may have guessed already, this is a smart measure system which uses your phone's camera and its sensors to calculate the distance between two points or to find out the angle between two walls. Setting up the app is a bit of a task. You'll need to calibrate the sensors, just as you'd calibrate a map. There are various tutorials inside the app to help you with the measurements.

You can use your phone as a measuring tape with this app. Are you tired of checking the photo Info tab for date and time? This neat little app stamps the date and time on the corner of every photo so that you know when a particular cool new android apps 2019 was taken. The best thing about this app is that it works on top of the stock camera.

All you have to do is select the date-time format and select the font. Furthermore, this app gives you three additional logo options to choose from. Auto Stamper works automatically, and you do not have to worry about giving permissions each time you click a photo. These are some of the apps that were released in the last couple of months. The best thing is that each is unique. So which one of these will you get first?

My guess is Moasure. Next up: Have you checked our Apps of the Month post for February ? If not, cool new android apps 2019, do hit the link below.


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